Piping Design & Drafting and its equipments lead for 25% of total investment in all chemical, process, LPG/ CNG Plant, oil and pharmaceutical plants.

Piping Draftsman play a crucial role in plant design. Piping Design & Drafting training will concentrate on Industrial piping Design & Drafting discipline to facilitate faster learning curves while on the job.

Scope & Career

  • Power plants needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Oil & gas need Piping  Draftsman
  • Off shore Industry needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Refinery needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Industrial plants needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Energy sector needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Chemical process needs Piping  Draftsman
  • EPC industry needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Consulting engineers needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Project & Construction needs Piping  Draftsman
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs Piping  Draftsman


I.  Piping Design & Drafting : Introduction 

  • Introduction to industry piping design and drafting
  • Role of mechanical draughtsman in various fields of industry
  • Development of drafting skills and basics of engineering drawing.
  • Type of Drafting techniques used for piping in past & recent.
  • CAD skills for piping drafting
  • Awareness of Instruments used while Drafting
  • Guidelines of various process plants and their drafting requirements



  • Basic fundamentals and concepts of piping design and drafting
  • Basics of plot plan development piping design and drafting
  • Guidelines of equipment used in process plant piping design and drafting.
  • Development of equipment & piping layouts piping design and drafting.
  • Detailing of pipe rack and yard piping.
  • Preparation of Isometric drawings and Bill of Material piping design and drafting.
  • Guidelines to preparation of as built drawings piping design and drafting


III.  PIPING DESIGN & Drafting : Standards &  Welding 

  • Overview of international codes and standards piping design and drafting.
  • Basic information about welding, inspection & testing piping design and drafting
  • Types of Welding Techniques used, Its procedures and Study of its Characteristics . Application study of Welding on different materials piping design and drafting .
  • Preheat treatment and Positioning study while welding .
  • Study of Welding Equipments, Instruments and material used piping design and drafting.

IV.  PDMS  & Auto Cadd for piping design 

  • Equipment building for piping design & drafting
  • Creating equipment items for piping design and drafting
  • Nozzle Orientation for piping design & drafting
  • Piping Modeling piping design and drafting
  • Piping Supports piping design and drafting
  • Isometric extraction for piping design & drafting


V.  Practicals on piping design & draftingexercises

  • Legent & Symbols in piping design & drafting
  • PFD & P & ID in piping design & drafting
  • Isometric for Piping design & drafting
  • Plot  Plan for Piping design & drafting
  • Equipment layout
  • Stress Analysis for piping design & drafting


Audience & Eligibility

Audience of Piping Design & Drafting

  • Mechanical Draftsman
  • Cad engineers
  • fresher’s

Eligibility of Piping Design & Drafting

  • Diploma  in Mechanical// Chemical// Production Engineering
  • 10th pass / 12th  pass
  • Mechanical draftsman