Engineering language is expressed in drawing & drafting. Its a means of communicating with dimensions, proportions, scale of machine or a building describing its details like the shape , size and section by a verbal or written language is very difficult henceforth Graphic language is used to express drawings .People who do these measured drawings are called as Draftsmen. Civil draftsman plays a key role in the civil design industry. They do the 2d & 3d modeling of the buildings. They get well paid as a fresher and with experience.

Scope & Career

  • Commercial Buildings drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Airports drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Shopping Malls  drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Hospitals , Office complex drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Residential buildings drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Petro Chemical Complex drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Oil & gas need Civil Draftsman
  • Off shore Industry drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Refinery drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Industrial plants drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Energy sector drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Chemical process drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • EPC industry drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Consulting engineering drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Pharmaceutical industry drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Project & Construction drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Cement and Fertilizer drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Power plants drawing by Civil Draftsman


I.  Civil Draftsman:-

  • Free hand sketching .
  • Use of drawing instruments and materials .
  • Drawing conventional lines according to ISI code. Folding of sheets .
  • Print all types of lettering and use of all stencils
  • Construct, read and use of plain, comparative, diagonal, vernier scales .
  • Construct plain geometrical figures .
  • 2d & 3d drafting.


  • Solve simple problems on projecting of points, lines surfaces and solids .
  • Draw sketches from models.
  • Have through knowledge in conventional signs and symbols.
  • Plan , Elevation , section of buildings.
  • Isometric of building views.
  • Have correct concept and sketch the arrangement of bricks in different types of bonds in building and in foundation.
  • Prepare drawing of stone masonry and scaffolding.
  • Have knowledge to prevent the structure with DPC.
  • Draw different ground floors.
  • Draw various types of arches and lintels.
  • Draw different types of doors and windows including knowledge of carpentry joints.
  • Draw different types of roof with all details.

III.  BMC DRAWING for approval

  • Draw upper floors including general principles of constructions
  • Draw and design staircases.
  • Draw plan, section, and elevation of residential buildings (single & double) with help of sketches, and line diagrams .
  • Follow principle of planning, local building by laws with ISI standards .
  • Draw perspective view of building including coloring practice & shading.
  • Making inking lerroy set printing of letters and tracing including practice of blue prints and ammonia prints .

IV.  Civil DraftsmanSoftware’s

  • Auto Cad.


 V.  Live Projects for Civil Draftsman (2 Nos)

  • Shopping Mall – Civil Drafting.
  • Residential – Civil Drafting.
  • Hotel – Civil Drafting.
  • Industrial   - Civil Drafting.


Audience & Eligibility

Eligibility for  Civil Drafting

  • 8 th or 10 th pass candidates
  • Electrical/ civil/ Instrumentation/ Mechanical /Consulting “Engineers and Students”
  •  Diploma Holders/ Technicians
  •  Draftsmen