Process Engineers are the leaders of the industry. Process engineering cover a variety of Industrial products .Process engineering in Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical industries are the largest contributors to world economics.This process engineering course will overcome gaps for improving competency, performance, career advancement and employability of chemical engineers.

Scope & Career

Scope & Career of PROCESS Engineering:

  • Design of Process Engineering
  • Process Design project
  • Operation of Process equipment system
  • Equipment manufacturing companies.
  • Production units.
  • Inspection testing.                                

Career of PROCESS Engineering: 

  • Petro Chemical Complex needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Oil & gas need PROCESS  engineering.
  • Off shore Industry needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Refinery needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Industrial plants needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Energy sector needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Chemical process needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • EPC industry needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Consulting engineering needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Project & Construction needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs PROCESS  engineering.
  • Power plants needs PROCESS  engineering.


       I.  Process Engineering in Plant Design

  • Overview of Process engineering Industry & Roles and responsibilities of Process Engineer in various fields.
  • Process engineering Design scope.
  • Design specification, Feasibility study for selected process engineering projects.
  • Selection of material & corrosion study in process engineering.
  • HMBT calculation of specific process engineering project.
  • Hydraulic & pump hydraulic calculations.
  • Standard codes for process engineering.
  • Flare system in process engineering.
  • Vessel sizing.
  • Control valve & pressure safety valve selection & sizing.
  • Mass transfer and energy balance.


    II. Process Engineering in Equipment modules:

  • Distillation Column design
  • Design of cooling towers
  • Design of heat exchanger : Design & rating
  • Sizing of process equipment


 III.  Process Engineerig: Post Design activities  

  • Different phases of project execution.
  • Engineering work flow.
  • Introduction to process engineering related discipline with Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Mechanical engineers.


 IV.  Practicals in Process Engineering:

  • Development of PFD, P&ID.
  • HAZOP HAZON HAZID differentiates methodology.
  • MFD, UFD, FFD, BFD, PDS of equipment.
  • Line sizing, pressure drop calculation.
  • Newtonian fluid single &2 phase flow.
  • Distillation binary system calculations.
  • Cause & effect Diagram.
  • Preparation of DATA SHEETS.


    V.  Softwares in Process Engineerig:

  • Process modeling Simulation.
  • Introduction of HYSYS software.
  • Aspen plus Simulation.

Audience & Eligibility

Audience for PROCESS Engineering

  • Design consultancy in process engineering.
  • Equipment manufacturing companies.
  • Production units.
  • Inspection testing.


Eligibility for PROCESS Engineering

  • B. Tech / B.E in Chemical/ Production Engineering .
  • Diploma in Chemical/ Production Engineering.
  • M .Tech / M.E in Chemical/ Production Engineering.